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Anne offers dialogue and resource-focused work supervision and counselling along with RMP-motivation coaching and Restorative workplace mediation. The company is led by Anne Koski and she supports Managers and  Established Entrepreneurs to create harmony in their workplace and increase motivation in their  work through dialogical supervision, RMP and workshops.  

Anne works to support professionals in leadership roles to be the happiest, most peaceful and  most motivated versions of themselves. In today’s fast-paced world, many professionals are struggling to perform in their roles as leaders  and it shows up through the lack of motivation, conflict within their teams, lack of personal  identity and vision and difficulties in decision-making. 

This is where Anne comes in. 

With over 20 years of work experience in leadership roles, Anne combines her professional experience with her Masters in Education and her warm, nurturing personality to show up as an educator, counsellor and coach for other leaders. 

She uses her skills as a dialogical work supervisor helping leaders to get clear on their goals and identity, equip them with the right tools to communicate more effectively, hone their management skills and overall, help them to feel happier, more energized and motivated in their work. 

Flower Blossoms


To be a trusted management supervisor & a specialist in dialogical management, a management supervisor and a motivation coach


To provide management guidance services, consulting and motivational coaching, and training for supervisors.


My mission is to empower leaders through a dialogue encounter. Through my services I want my clients “To be heard and touched.”


Compassion, Equality and Equity, Research-Based, Professionally Sustainable

Founder story


Anne is a director, early childhood educator, RMP motivation coach, and dialogical work supervisor STOry.

She possesses 20+ years of managerial experience within a variety of organizations and cultures.


She also has an academic background in pedagogical studies, leadership and an RMP certification. She is currently a PhD researcher in the school of Management in the University of Vaasa.


Back in 2016, Anne personally experienced the positive impact of working with a supervisor as she worked with Veijo Nivala, PhD. Veijo’s method of working with his clients provided a great model for Anne and inspired her to pursue a career in supervision.


Anne's most important home is the Finnish language, as Anne was born in Sweden, lived as a child in Japan and worked in different cultures within South Asia and the Middle East.

Flower Blossoms
“I want to approach the client as humanely as possible, speaking directly and insightfully with an emotional connection. I want to be present with a warm and lively heart, and listen to the client with attentive ears and compassionate eyes.”
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